Hello out there! Welcome to Open Your Artist Eyes, a blog dedicated to celebrating entertainment, the arts, what inspires me and what inspires you. Who knows? Maybe your voice will awaken another’s, too.

(I’m a tad partial to alliteration and rhyme, but I promise I don’t write like this all the time. Accordingly, I apologize in advance. Now won’t you stay a while and share your stance?)

I imagine a number of you are mentally facepalming. Don’t worry, I’m done…for now.

Anyway, I wanted reach out and explain why the site is so devoid of content: It was just created by a technologically dense person. So I’m afraid the blog will be off to a slow start as I learn to navigate WordPress and actually make clicking on links mean something, but in the meantime, let me expound on my plan for discussions:

1. This blog is designed to be a relatively safe place to talk about the artistic mediums that help inspire us to write, act, sing, dance, sculpt, paint, teach, nurse, talk, listen, laugh, dream and fight for our lives and others’. I ask that you all respect each other’s opinions as well as mine. No one is “right” here; no one is “wrong” here, and if you disagree with comments, please do so in a respectful manner. This is about opening our eyes, ears and minds in honor of creativity, about learning and teaching one another about why and how we can do the things we do. I wish for us to get excited! To be nostalgic! To feel empowered!…not powerless. All trolls should report back to YouTube.

2. When I begin to post regularly, I will introduce a movie, TV show, book/series, game, song, etc. that has helped or is helping to shape me as a person or, more specifically, as a young woman and aspiring author. Although they will feature review-like elements, they’re more so meant to be pieces that reflect on the themes and messages I personally derive from the topic. Each post will fall under one of six categories:

  • Currently or Recently Awesome
  • My Favorites
  • Guilty Pleasures
  • Millennial Nostalgia (’90s kids/’00s adolescents unite!)
  • Taboo Topics (no religion, sports or broad politics, but I plan to touch on things like Depression; Sexual Harassment/Domestic Violence; Ethnic Representation in Media/Growing Up Multiracial; Feminism – What Does It Mean to You & Me? and the like)
  • This May Interest You (and if the topic doesn’t, no hard feelings)

For example, when I mention The Walking Dead (and I will, multiple times in multiple categories), you’ll see “Recently Awesome: The Walking Dead Season 5” in the heading and then my thoughts on why I believe it’s been recently awesome. And of course, with each post, you are free to give your opinion on the topic, recommend a similar title, or discuss your own muses.

Essentially, that’s what’s to come. If you’re interested, I encourage you to visit again toward the end of November, though between writing my first novel (on page 45, woo hoo!) and exploring volunteer/job opportunities, I am hesitant to make promises about a routine posting schedule, but I look forward to sharing a little inspiration with you all and hearing about the entertainment that drives you! Wish me luck in figuring this all out! (It’s like a math problem to me, sooooo…)


P.S. About the slow start: I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry. And yes, I’ll be talking about that show, too.


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