Millennial Nostalgia: “Call Me, Beep Me” – The Kim Possible Theme Song

That’s right. Lately, I can’t stop rocking out to this song, and I highly doubt that those of us who grew up with Disney’s Kim Possible could hardly blame me. Originally sung by Christina Milian and arranged over excerpts of scenes from the show, “Call Me, Beep Me” is an infectious, inspiring, pump-you-up tune that gets the viewer’s adrenaline flowing and hits us 90s/2000s kids right in the “Aw, yeaaaah!” This is the type of theme that makes you stop, take a moment of recognition and fist-pump/rock out internally if you’re not already mouthing/singing the lyrics you memorized as a preteen. (Trust me, fuzzy as they might be at first, they’re still there.)

Due to some stuff and thangs that have happened this February (I said in my first post that I’d be referencing The Walking Dead often…I know I didn’t mention anything about fandom lingo, but I did warn ya), I’m comin’ in a little late here, which is part of the reason this segment doesn’t celebrate the entirety of awesomeness that is the Kim Possible television show, but I’ll probably circle back around and give it its just due eventually. But in the meantime, for me, the song itself deserves a proper shout-out. Why?

1. The Cool Factor (a.k.a. Kim). For fans old and new, we know the theme song perfectly encompasses our teenage protagonist and her attitude: powerful, confident, fun, strong, energetic and ready to win the day. Punctuated with the familiar chirps of the Kimmunicator and sound bites of Christy Carlson Romano (Kim) herself (as well as Will Friedle’s Ron, Nancy Cartwright’s Rufus and John DiMaggio’s Dr. Drakken), Milian’s smooth, sassy tone lets you know just what you’re in for when you sit down to one of Kim’s adventures, and with a theme as boss as this, you know for sure it’s gonna be good.

2. The Fun & Faith Factors (Motivation). To put it simply, even if you’ve never heard it before, this tune is catch and just fun. You can write, paint, work out, drive out to do the Saturday shopping or what have you to this song; for the thirty seconds it’s on your screen or couple minutes it’s playing on your iPod, you really do feel like a vigilante superhero who can go out and get anything accomplished. And honestly, to get a little deep for a second, the song reminds me of faith and having faith, whatever your faith is, in that you can turn to it whenever you need it, that it will help and strengthen you and that everything will be okay. I’m enthused by the lyrics of this song, and I mean that in the regular old motivated way, but also in the Greek definition way: I can feel the Spirit inside me shudder and stand up and soar.

3. The Nostalgia Factor (obviously). All my favorite memories of Kim Possible are tethered by the universal bond it seems to have instilled in our generation in particular. People really loved this show, gender and age aside. Sometimes you have one of the simplest things in common with another person, and sometimes you might delight in discovering a connection you weren’t even aware you had! I recently bought a cover of “Call Me, Beep Me” off iTunes by a group called Banaroo (which, despite its repetitiveness, is the closest to the original extended version, in my opinion), and not more than a day later, while on the phone with my best friend of 18 years, she gave me a couple bars of the theme. Out of nowhere. I’d never said a thing. I didn’t even know she watched the show! Guys…the nostalgia of this song is so potent, it initiates ESP.

But truthfully, the tether is there, reaching not only outside of you, but within as well. You can feel both the essences of Kim and the little-kid-you awaken inside. You’re reminded of how strong you are now or maybe how strong you were then, and even if you don’t think you’ve ever been strong at all, you know some part of you felt strong when you heard this theme and sat down to this show, even if you thought you had to borrow on the characters’ strength, and that was okay too, because you knew Kim would lend it to you.

“Call Me, Beep Me” is just a simple reminder of the pure entertainment/empowerment that Kim Possible was, and I personally believe that’s one of the chief reasons we all loved this show, girls and boys alike. Kim was strong and so was Ron, in many different ways, and in different ways, they were not. And that was us, especially us as kids. But once that show and others like it left the air and we got older and wiser and increasingly concerned with more “adult things,” the farther away we strayed from the strengths of our pasts. But with this song, you can feel the strength bloom again in both your past and present selves, can look across the room and see it reflected in the eyes of another who recognizes the theme and relishes that recognition and your unspoken comradeship. It’s connective in all the best possible ways, all down the line, from silly to spiritual to galvanizing to “Hey-I-know-that-song-wait-you-know-it-too-let’s-sing-it-WOO!” and it’s the kind of connection to my fellow Millennials that I’m never going to let go. It is an honor to be united with you in this way, particularly through this song and this show. If you feel the same, please feel free to let me know below in the comments.


P.S. You know you still know those lyrics…I can hear you singing. You sound great. Let me know if you ever want to get some ESP going and make it a duet.


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