Guilty Pleasure: Not Particularly and Not This Month

The title says it all.

This month, for personal reasons, I am excusing myself from the pressure of writing a legitimate blog entry. Yes, I know it’s weird to announce this as if my blog were some kind of well-known mecca, but in case anyone did want to know where my July 2015 entry is, this is it.

I plan (no promises) on returning next month to do Dragon Ball Z for the “Millennial Nostalgia” segment for those of us who remember that bomb-diggity after-school block of Toonami TV. Ah, what blessed, halcyon days those were…

Speaking of blessed days, remember that wherever you are, wherever you’re going or whatever you’re going through, to try and have a good day, because there’s always Good to be had in our days.

I’m going to remember that, too.



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