Currently Awesome: “Hello” by Adele

At the risk of sounding like a pretentious fangirl, this song speaks to my soul.

For me it’s about more than just a somber break-up: it’s a conversation taking place within me. Listening to it is like listening to an older, more refined part of myself taking turns saying hello to the side of me that’s still struggling. The first three lines are the older part while the final line of the verse belongs to the part that’s still in pain. It goes on, back and forth, not always in a particular order but always with an answer for the other, ending with the voice that’s still got some healing to do.

In the midst of Adele’s rich, ethereal voice and wistful grace I hear reminders of another life. Apologies I may need to make to myself. Questions, observations and explanations swirl all around me, leading me back to the images of the music video.

Adele stands strong within the wind.

But can I?

I was recently diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and the time following the diagnosis has been very difficult. I’m currently engaged in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and before these last couple peaceful weeks every day was a fight to go on, to go writing, to go on living. Even now I don’t want to be sitting here writing this. I’m not even sure why I am. But I am. And somewhere, some part of me that connects to this song wants to greet the other part and say “Hello…there’s more to thisthere’s something else, a somewhere else…

I’m grateful to have this song echoing through me.

Are you grateful for it too? What do the lyrics say to you?

Feel free to leave a comment if you are. Thanks.



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