Millennial Nostalgia: Good Burger

Come on, say it with me now:

“Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?”

In case you need a refresher, the dim-witted, literal-minded fast food worker Ed is portrayed by Kel Mitchell of the sensational duo Kenan and Kel. Both Mitchell and Kenan Thompson were part of an all-star cast on the 90s/2000s hit sketch show All That. Ed’s shtick became popular enough to foster a big-screen debut in which he and fellow employee, Dexter (portrayed by Thompson of course), take on a whopper of a competitor in the form of the industrialized “Mondo Burger.” Linda Cardellini, Abe Vigoda and Sinbad appear alongside them. Shaquille O’Neal and Carmen Electra also have cameos.

Oh the joys of the summer job. The histrionics of adolescent angst. The silliness of a simpleton. It’s all here in Good Burger. It’s got a nice pace, a consistently goofy tone and a rad and rockin’ soundtrack. Admittedly the story’s average, but we’re here for classic Kenan and Kel hijinks, right? And we get them in spades, from cross-dressing to a dance number in an asylum. But what’s at the core of the nostalgia for Kenan and Kel is also the best part of the film: the natural chemistry between the two stars. It’s effortless simplicity. Their jokes are straight-forward but delivered earnestly enough to get you to crack a smile or two. Trust me. The kid in you will find your memories of this movie delicious.

Some of the best lines:

“I’m a dude, he’s a dude, she’s a dude, ’cause we’re all dudes, HEY!” (I know you sang that.)

Kenan’s famous “WHYYY?”

“Kurt is now your mother and your father.” “Kurt must look pretty funny nekkid.”

“Bloobity, bloobity, bloobity, bloobity, Bloobity, Bloobity, Bloobity, Bloobity, BLOOBITY, BLOOBITY, BLOOBITY, BLOOBITY, BLOOPITY, BLOOPITY, BLOOP!” (I know you sang that too.)

“It’s okay, people! Her butt…is fine!”

(And you’d be right to chant this one) “Ed!” “What?” “Ed!” “What?” “Ed!” “What?”

What do you remember about Good Burger? Tell us below in the comments if you’d like.



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