Currently/Recently Awesome: NOTHING

I’m a day late in posting, which should illustrate how enthusiastic I am to address the current topic…

In my opinion, for my personal tastes, there hasn’t been anything currently or recently airing, playing or released that has inspired me enough to write a full blog post about it. No movies, no music, no video games and no, I don’t have Netflix, so I don’t know what I’m missing that’s streaming (I hear tell The Handmaid’s Tale and 13 Reasons Why are particularly good and socially relevant).

There are a few TV shows that have just ended or are on now that I’ve liked well enough, in that I believe they’re above average on an entertainment level but not exceptional: American Ninja Warrior season 9, Ink Master season 9 and MasterChef season 8, with scripted dramas Better Call Saul season 3, Gotham season 3 and Doctor Who series 10 being the best and most highly recommended in that order. I tried Humans season 2 since I loved season 1, tried Genius season 1 since the extraordinarily gifted and brilliant Geoffrey Rush—my absolute favorite actor—was cast as the titular genius, Albert Einstein, and even sat through the mess that was the latter half of Empire season 3 for the sharp and sizzling Taraji P. Henson, but alas, found all of these shows to be disappointing if not downright dull. Still, I was even ready for the best shows to be over, which signals to me that I was not as satisfied with them as I wanted to be. I would cover the one-season wonder I just discovered, the critically acclaimed, daring and delicious Sweet/Vicious, but its run was over this past winter season, so it can hardly be called “recent.”

As for the “awesome” part, when I classify something as “awesome,” I’m describing something that consistently wows me throughout the duration of its story. It has to tick the box on everything: plot/continuity, character, action, mystery, humor and, perhaps most importantly, the ability to provoke within me both a thoughtful and emotional response. I have to be thoroughly impressed, from the depths of my brain to the core of my heart, and I just haven’t been this spring/summer season. Now that doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t be. Again I recommend the above shows (in fact I’m going to be covering Doctor Who, specifically “Nu Who,” in  next month’s “My Favorites” because it is a show I do very much love dearly) as they are all worth checking out, but whether they’re worth spending hours with, worth getting wholly invested in? That’s up to you.

What TV shows (or other entertainment mediums) have you been enjoying lately? What, for you, has been “currently/recently awesome”? If you care to leave a recommendation or quick review, please drop me a comment.



P.S. Here in the U.S., the Doctor Who series 10 finale airs at 8:30-10:00 p.m. Eastern/Standard time on BBC America. I’ll be there, sitting on the edge of my seat, no doubt trying to contain my fangirl feels—will you?


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