A Visual World

I know we are a visual world, greeted everywhere we look with sights, sites, symbols and signs. Most of the time, these things aid us with all that we’re trying to accomplish, but sometimes they compromise and blot our vision. Sometimes, you just want to be careful and spare yourself the risk…and look inward.

1. I apologize for the lack of images, but I feel I’ve read too many unfavorable advisory articles about copyright infringement to risk litigation by posting external material to this site. Yes, I realize how ridiculous this seems, and I’m aware “everyone else” does it, but to me, that’s similar to saying “everyone” steals cable or downloads music without paying for it—just because “everyone else” does it doesn’t make it less forbidden… or any of my business, really. My blog is my business, and while it is not definitively unlawful to use others’ images (there are the “fair use” clause and its subsets to consider, but copyright.gov doesn’t list examples about pictures), I am not willing to do something that makes me uncomfortable without a more informed understanding or at least implied/explicit allowance from a work’s owner. As unlikely as it is to be sued over blog content, I’m still learning about intellectual property and would rather be astonishingly paranoid (and thus safe) than sorry in regards to this space.

And so this is my policy on visuals. For those of you who are not bothered with this development, thank you for staying. For those of you who prefer a blog with visual aids, thank you for trying out the opposite.

2. While images help illustrate tone, there is more than one way to obtain an impression of a song or story, and sometimes what we remember or picture in our own heads surpasses what tangibly lies before us. May mere words stir your interest and challenge you to seek out your own experience of the topic, either by research or even visualizing the narratives yourself. Open your artist eyes, and see what you see.


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